Privacy Policy

Customer Privacy matters for OneBonsai

The customer’s right to privacy is of great importance to OneBonsai. OneBonsai recognizes that when a customer chooses to provide OneBonsai with personal information, the customer places confidence in our ability to handle customer privacy in a responsible manner.

OneBonsai believes this information should be used solely to improve the services provided for the customer. OneBonsai has put this privacy policy together to state that we protect the customer’s personal information.

Personal Information Collected by

When making a purchase at OneBonsai we will collect the customer’s contact information, which includes name, address, email address and phone number.

Protecting Customer Privacy

OneBonsai will take appropriate steps to protect the customer’s privacy. Whenever the customer provides sensitive information (for example a credit card number to make a purchase), OneBonsai will take all reasonable steps to protect it, such as using a third party payment service to handle the transaction. They use the latest security features to ensure your data is kept safe. OneBonsai will also take reasonable security measures to protect the customer’s personal information we keep in our storage.

Occasionally OneBonsai may disclose the customer’s name and address to third parties when required for delivering specific services and products requested by the customer. OneBonsai will not provide any of the customer’s personal information to other companies or individuals for marketing purposes without the customer’s permission.

When required by law, OneBonsai will work together with authorities to provide the information they require.


OneBonsai makes use of cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of its website. Cookies are small text files which are placed on the computer of the visitor to save certain information such as user preferences. This way OneBonsai is able to better serve its clients at the next visit.

The user can determine himself how to handle cookies. He can setup the browser such that the use of cookies is allowed, disallowed or partially allowed. In such case the browser can be setup so that certain websites can place cookies. For all other websites, placing cookies will not be permitted. This possibility is available in most modern browsers.

Cookies can be removed at any time from the computer, again through the browser.

Personal Information Available for Update by the Customer

The customer can help OneBonsai improve the effectiveness and quality of service by keeping OneBonsai notified of any changes to the customer’s name, address, phone number or email address.

The personal information OneBonsai collects and maintains will be subject to the version of the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of collection. OneBonsai reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time and will provide notice of these changes in the news section at the OneBonsai website. The customer should review the Privacy Policy periodically to make sure it meets the customer’s needs.

Customer data policy

The customer data encompasses all data provided by the customer to enable OneBonsai to provide its service(s). These include graphical assets, personal login data, articles, … OneBonsai will take all reasonable efforts to keep this data safe. The customer is expected to have obtained all the applicable copyrights or other intellectual property rights to enable OneBonsai to use these assets in its service(s).